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What’s up at the bakery?

We’re now open until 5:00pm.

The Easter order form went out on Facebook last night and the orders are rolling in.  Please do not procrastinate when it comes to ordering.  We’re a small bakery with a big heart but we can only produce so much product and we will cut orders off as soon as we’ve reached capacity.  Of course, we hope to have a variety of items available to purchase prior to Easter, however, the selection may not be the same.  Here’s the link:

Check out our new outside paint job!!  We missed our signature pink door and we constantly had new customers telling us we were hard to find so I think we solved that issue.


Happy Birthday to us!!!  Our retail space on King Street opened it’s doors on February 12, 2018 and, thanks to all our loyal “sinners”, we are celebrating.  While the retail space is 5, the actual business is 10 years old.  My how time flies!  As most of you know, Stephanie started Sinful Treats out of her home in 2013 as a new mother looking to spend more time with her family.   In 2014, she purchased a food truck and began making the circuit of festivals, breweries and any place else that would allow her to sell her treats. In 2016, when she outgrew the family kitchen, she rented the space on King Street to use as a commercial kitchen both for the food truck and to decorate cakes.  As the food truck grind got old, someone suggested that she open the kitchen as a retail space and have the customers come to her instead of her going to them.  What a great idea!!!  Needless to say, next time you’re in the bakery, please congratulate Stephanie for all her hard work and dedication.  She loves what she does but she loves her customers even more!